The Duratrue Process

Fusing the Traditional and Digital…

We’re using science and technology to make tobacco better. 

For hundreds of years, tobacco has been a staple crop of cultures around the world. From pipes, to cigars, to cigarettes, and even smokeless, there are many ways to enjoy it.  Most of those ways come with a series of drawbacks you probably don’t want. 

What We’ve Kept: The Traditional Tobacco Experience

traditionaltobaccoexperienceThe rich flavor of tobacco is unmistakable, and hard to copy. Many have tried, and few have even come close. Our Patent Pending process starts with Top Quality leaf tobacco. We don’t make tobacco flavors, we let the tobacco speak for itself, the way it should be. 

A great draw is about the right kind of equipment, so we’ve developed a range of e-cig equipment that pairs perfectly with our extracts, to give you a great draw and just the right amount of vapor to get that cigarette style throat hit you’re looking for. If you need help with operating your DuraCig, you can contact us, or you can view our tutorials.

What We’ve Ditched: The Combustion

nocombustionThe process of burning creates a lot of unwanted byproducts.  Our process retains many of the essential tobacco flavoring compounds, and uses e-cigarette technology to deliver them directly to your tongue without the combustion. 

Without fire, there’s no smoke, and without smoke, there’s almost no odor. In addition to being easy to use, cheap to operate, and usable nearly anywhere, the process of heating creates far less of many of the unwanted byproducts smokers don’t want. To learn more about what’s in DuraTrue® and see the results of our laboratory testing, click here.

Our Lab: Where The Magic Happens

wherethemagichappensDura True® is created in an ISO 9001:2008 accredited manufacturing facility. We are also certified cGMP for utilizing the most up to date manufacturing processes across all industries. You can read more information about our certifications here. We’ve been making and distributing top quality vapor and e-cigarette products from our facilities in Milwaukee, WI since 2009.  

We are committed to providing the very best cigarette alternative science and technology can produce, and doing it with the quality and pride that goes along with Made In The USA.