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Dura True® might be simple, but it’s made with serious science. We want to make sure every one of your questions is answered and answered well.  

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duratrueworks   What’s in Dura True®?

A. Exactly what we advertise, Natural Tobacco Extracts. We use Vegetable Glycerine as a vehicle for you to be able to vaporize the tobacco extracts, and it’s necessary for the process, but it’s the only thing in DuraTrue you won’t find in a cigarette. We also use a bit of distilled water to thin our extracts to just the right consistency so you get a perfect pull, every time. Now, on the other hand, there are many things in cigarettes that aren’t in Dura True®. 


duratrueworks  What’s in a cigarette that’s not in Dura True®?

A.   Carbon Monoxide, to start. We put Dura True® through exhaustive testing, we wanted to know how it stacked up to a cigarette. What we found is that many of the chemical compounds found in cigrettes are greatly reduced in Dura True®, or are in quantites so low, they are actually below dectable levels. DuraTrue® has no filter, it doesn’t need one, and the only paper you’ll get with Dura True® is your receipt.

How do we know what’s in Dura True®? We had it tested. If you want to learn more about how Dura True® is different and see the results of the test for yourself, click here

duratrueworks How do you make Dura True®?

A.   We’d love to tell you we have a magical formula made from the tears of Big Tobacco executives, but in reality, it’s just good solid science. Our Patent Pending process is also super secret, so we can’t get into a lot of details, but our process uses our 3 ingredients to extract all the best stuff out of the same tobacco you would find in a pack of cigarettes, and build them back up into a product perfectly paired with our DuraCig vaporizers to give you the puff, kick, and satisfaction you’d get from a cigarette, without all the heat. 

To learn more about our process and what makes Dura True® different, and better, click here

duratrueworks What Makes Dura True® the “true alternative” to cigarettes?

A.   Dura True® is a (pardon the pun) truly engineered product. From it’s very start, Dura True® was built with one purpose, to serve as the perfect alternative to cigarettes. While there are pharmaceutical alternatives like gums, pills, and patches, they fail many people who are serious about using them because they aren’t a True Alternative. They provide only one part of the smoking experience. Likewise with fruity flavored vaporizers and gas station fixes, they might provide you with something to puff on, but it’s not the taste you’re looking for, in fact, the taste is usually so awful, it’s unbearable. 

Any device is only as good as your ability to figure it out, use it, and enjoy it. We stand behind Dura True®, and we’re able to give you the support you need to succeed. Our DuraCig systems are a bulletproof way to enjoy real tobacco satisfaction, and we’re always here to offer guidance and technical assistance if you need it. 

duratrueworks What if I don’t like it?

A.   We’re pretty sure that won’t happen, but if you don’t, we’ll take it back. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all Dura True® products purchased at DuraSmoke.com or AmericaneLiquidStore.com.

Why offer a money back guarantee?

Like almost everything with Dura True®, the answer is simple, we believe in our product and your success with it. If you’re a committed smoker or tobacco lover, there’s nothing in Dura True® you don’t already love.


duratrueworks   Has Dura True® Been Tested?

A. Yes, it has. Because it contains the same tobacco, we tested it directly against cigarettes. We wanted to know just how much like a cigarette it was, and the results didn’t disappoint. Because Dura True® is heated, not actually lit on fire, we’re able to deliver many of the things you want from your cigarettes, without the process of burning, which creates a lot of things that don’t add anything to your tobacco experience at all, like carbon monoxide. You can see the results of the test with your own eyes right here.

duratrueworks  Are You Certified?

A. Yes, we are certified in multiple ways. We are ISO 9001:2008 accredited, and we also hold a cGMP certification. These are not required certifications in our industry (yet), but we believe in being ahead of the curve. You can learn more about our certifications and what they all entail here

duratrueworksHow Do I Use It?

A. Dura True® is simple to use. All of our kits and hardware have been selected for both performance and ease of use. Our Starter kits are flat out simple, just screw on your tank, click your battery’s firing button 5 times (until it blinks) and your ready to go. To enjoy Dura True®, simply pull from the mouthpiece like you would a cigarette while holding down the firing button. Our Pro-Kits come with refillable tanks that take a bit more savvy, but they offer upgraded performance and options the “pro” user will love. You can learn more about how our systems work and get technical information here.

duratrueworks  Where Do You Make Dura True®?

A. Dura True® is Made in the USA. Our facilities are located in Milwaukee, WI. 

duratrueworks  How Much Nicotine is in Dura True®?

A. Dura True’s nicotine content is formulated to be equivalent to a cigarette. We don’t formulate our nicotine levels like typical e-cigarette products because we’re not a typical e-cigarette product, Dura True® is made from tobacco. You can expect the kick of Dura True® Bold to be roughly equivalent to a Full Flavor cigarette, and our normal products to be roughly equivalent to a Light cigarette in terms of throat hit.