About Duratrue

Dura True® is the Evolution of Tobacco

theperfectalternative-2Smokers who love cigarettes don’t love patches or gums, and they’re not looking to puff on something that tastes like a banana. 

We created Dura True® to meet the exacting demands of a real smoker. No fluffy fruit flavors or fake tobacco “flavorings”, Dura True® is made with our very own Patent Pending Tobacco Extracts.

We make our extracts with tobacco, in a process that keeps the tobacco oils and flavors; not the paper, filter, or who knows what other “additives”; so it tastes, puffs, and satisfies just like a cigarette does.

Enjoy the same tobacco experience you’ve always enjoyed, without the campfire under your nose.  

Best of All, testing has shown Dura True® produces GREATLY reduced quantities of the things you don’t want from cigarettes. You don’t have to take our word for it, see for yourself.

(Click the image for a larger version)

If the graphic isn’t convincing enough for you, you can view the actual results of the study HERE. Warning: Science Ahead!

The Evolution of Tobacco is a Revolution in Smoking




Our ingredients are simple, and so is our concept. If you want it to taste like a cigarette, make it with the same stuff a cigarette is made with. If you’re looking for real cigarette taste in an e-cigarette, give Dura True®® a try, and judge for yourself whether we’ve made the perfect alternative. If you made it this far, you know Dura True®® isn’t just an alternative, it’s the evolution of tobacco. 



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