Don’t Be Fooled By Chemical Alternatives That Look Like A Cigarette, DuraTrue IS Tobacco

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 The rich flavor of tobacco is unmistakable, and hard to copy. We don’t make tobacco flavors, we let the tobacco speak for itself, the way it should be.  Read More…



DuraTrue is simple to use. If you can count to 5, you can enjoy the same tobacco you already love in a brand new way.  Read More… 



DuraTrue is made with tobacco, so we tested it against cigarettes. It’s easy to see for yourself just how similar, and different, from cigarettes DuraTrue is. Read More…


If It Isn’t Made From Tobacco, The Word E-Cigarette Is A Lie

A lot of people would like you to believe that because the FDA regulates e-cigarettes like tobacco, that they’re just the same. They’re not. We didn’t have to set out to make DuraTrue taste like a cigarette, we knew it would, because it’s made with the same stuff your cigarettes are, 100% Real Tobacco.

One Quick Look At Our 3 Ingredients Will Show You Exactly How DuraTrue Is Different, And Better.

duratruewater duratruetobaccoextracts duratruevegetableglycerin
DuraTrue is made with distilled water. The same stuff that falls from the sky, except much, much purer. We use water to thin out our extracts to the proper consistency.  DuraTrue is made from tobacco. The same kind of tobacco you find in cigarettes. Our Patent Pending process creates liquid extracts from dry tobacco leaf.   Vegetable Glycerin, or Glycerol, is an ingredient present in thousands of everyday products you already use (and eat). It provides thickening, flavor, and it makes vapor. 

Why Settle For An “Alternative” That’s Barely Better Than Cold Turkey? DuraTrue IS Tobacco, Evolved.